Head still favors one side?

September 7, 2020 by Louise Pearce0

It is likely that you have tried turning their head to the other side when they are asleep.  You have tried more tummy time. You have placed the toys on their non- favorite side but back their head goes. Although these are fantastic starting points to help with torticollis or head-turning preference, they are often not enough. If you are getting head shape changes then this just makes it even harder for your baby to turn their heads as often they have a lump or ridge that they have to get over.  At Auckland Children’s Physio this is something that parents are reaching out for us to help with. Starting early to address this means fewer appointments and faster results. The best results we have seen this past year had have been from the babies who are 6 weeks old at the time of their assessment. They have only needed 2- 3 sessions and they are able to turn their heads equally and easily from side to side and can be discharged. We want this for all babies as we don’t want it to drag on and affect how they use their hands, their rolling but also the associate visual and face changes we see in the more severe cases.


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