I’m loving Space nets!

March 18, 2016 by Louise Pearce0

Did you use to climb trees when you were a child? Space nets or spider webs are our new alternative for our kids. They teach our children so much about their bodies and help challenge and develop their thinking. Although I am not far away from my toddler when she’s exploring, I am all for encouraging her to use them. They provide the same benefits that we learnt from climbing trees in our back yard and are also free!

They help your child develop:
Motor planning which is the process of deciding the sequence of what they need to do and how they will do it 
Coordination which is the ability to turn on the right muscles at the right time to ensure smooth easy movement
Problem solving of how they will get from A to B and plan to over come obstacles
Total body strength, especially strengthening the muscles in their hands and feet from gripping and balancing
Balance to be able to stay on the net whilst testing the their limits 
Muscle endurance  to teach their muscles to work for longer
Concentration and focus on the same task till they have achieved what they set out to do 
Flexibility of muscles and joints by providing a good stretch when reaching, ducking and climbing …especially good after a day sitting at school or playing on their phones or Ipad.
Confidence & Fun



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