Accidents and Injuries

Accidents and Injuries



Accidents and Injuries

Toddlers and kids are so busy exploring and challenging their bodies that they are often accident-prone. I can’t think of the last time I jumped off something the height of me! They get muscle strains, torn ligaments, and broken bones although often the mechanism and type of injury is different from adults. They do also have the benefit of youth on their side with a remarkable ability to heal. But sometimes, they need physio to help get them back to their happy and active selves.

Think of the last time you went to physio for a sprained ankle. You would hope that they physio treating you would:

  1. Reduce the pain
  2. Help your get back to your normal activities
  3. Build you back up to your pre-injured ability

Children are no different and deserve the same treatment approach rather than the ‘they will be alright’.

If your child is complaining of an injury secondary to an accident then they are entitled to ACC. No GP or Doctor referral is required. If you have an existing ACC claim number from their injury we can use this or we can help complete a claim application at their appointment.


Our practice philosophy is to promote strength and development through play and exercise. We provide a holistic and comprehensive approach that is backed by clinical experience. We can create a tailored individual program to be implemented at home, childcare or school to help meet your child and family’s goals.

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