Future Fit- Kids fitness program

Future Fit- Kids fitness program



Future Fit- Kids fitness program

Future Fit is a specially designed 30-minute fitness program to help kids who find exercising a challenge but want to work on “getting stronger”, have “better coordination”, be “faster” at running.  We know kids who find running hard often opt out of sports and games that they would otherwise love to do, this, in turn, makes the gap in their physical fitness greater. Over time this sets them up for unhealthy lifestyles in their teenage and adult years. Often all they need is a short burst of targeted training to close this gap and keep them active.

The kids fitness program has been specifically tailored to provide an all-over body workout but addresses underlying balance, strength, endurance, power, cardiovascular fitness, and coordination deficits that are often holding them back. The class format allows each child to work at their own pace whilst meeting others with the same focus. It allows them to celebrate their improvements with similar ability classmates.  The program is run as a six-week block and it can be accessed virtually or in the clinic to make it easier to fit.

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Our practice philosophy is to promote strength and development through play and exercise. We provide a holistic and comprehensive approach that is backed by clinical experience. We can create a tailored individual program to be implemented at home, childcare or school to help meet your child and family’s goals.

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