Kids orthotics

Formthotic 3/4 length

Formthotics 3/4 length

Worried about your little ones feet rolling in or are you helping to reduce their leg pain. These moderate blue EVA foam Orthotics provides a comfortable option for first time users. The ¾ size is ideal for narrow children’s feet. They feature a deep heel cup for added stability and a supportive arch profile to improve comfort and foot posture helping improve knee and hip position during walking, running and playing.

They are suitable for children around 5 years and up. Size UK 2.5, euro 35, mondo 20-22.5. Colour base comes as blue or red.

$56 per pair.

Toddler orthtotics

Formthotics medical junior EVA


These are the smallest supportive orthotics that we have come across to help our toddlers. When combining these with a fitted boot you can help control the over pronated foot (rolling in foot) or overly flexible ankle. If your toddler is finding it hard to progress from cruising to walking, these orthotics might be what they need to help provide enough the stability to take their first step.

  • Designed for the careful management of the growing foot
  • Soft, flexible orthoses in 4 sizes from approximately 3 years
  • A deep heel cup and wide medial flange gently supports the function of whole foot

$59 per pair.

Baby head positioning pillow

Mimos Pillow

Mimos Pillow

The Mimos® Air Spacer baby pillow is the baby pillow you can trust, it is clinically proven for pressure relief and made from super-soft high quality 3D spacer fabric. A comfortable pillow that dramatically reduces head pressure aiding in the prevention and correction of flat-head syndrome (brachychephaly). These pillows are recommended to be used during daytime supervised play and rest periods. Pillows come in size small and medium. We can order in large for you. Sizes are based on infants head circumference.

$120.00 pillow

$20 pillow case

Hypervibe whole body vibration


Hypervibe G10 mini

The Hypervibe G10 mini is a whole body vibration plate machine. It has the versatility of being smaller than the more commercially available models allowing it to be lighter in weight and therefore portable. The Bluetooth feature allows allows connectivity with controls, or to program the machine via devices such as your smart phone, MP3 player and tablet. The system has 40-goal based programs to use.

Vibration therapy has been shown to be affective for children who have disabilities (research has been predominately completed with children who have Cerebral Palsy) at changing muscle tone, increasing muscle activation, improving movement patterns and overall body awareness.

Other known benefits include:

  • Improved balance
  • Improved bone density
  • Improved circulation
  • Improved exercise recovery
  • Reduce joint welling


Frequency 5-25Hz
Amplitude 8mm
G Force 10g

We stock the Hypervibe G10 mini, blue and have it in store for immediate pick up.

The price all inclusive: $2875 (including GST)

Remouldable thermoplastic splints

Turtle brace

Ankle brace

Turtle braces are designed with a heat adjustable thermoplastic center that allows you to custom fit the easy to apply brace. It requires fitting by a trained paediatric physiotherapist who has completed serial casting or who has orthotic making experience or a trained orthotist. This versatile product can be used to immobilise a joint helping post fracture recovery, used to help improve joint range following muscle shortening (serial casting) or prevent joint deformity through postural support.

Price on asking based on product and size options.


Our practice philosophy is to promote strength and development through play and exercise. We provide a holistic and comprehensive approach that is backed by clinical experience. We can create a tailored individual program to be implemented at home, childcare or school to help meet your child and family’s goals.

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