Donate it to a child with Bronchiectasis

I am collecting microwave bottle steriliser to donate to children who have Bronchiectasis in Auckland. You may have recently read about Bronchiectasis in the news ( Bronchiectasis is a condition that affects 1 in 3000 children in NZ.   Children with Bronchiectasis develop scaring in their lungs which makes them prone to lung infections and breathing difficulties.  A child who is diagnosed with Bronchiectasis, needs to do daily chest Physio to clear the trapped mucus and keep them well. When they are old enough they use special airway clearance equipment such as TheraPEP or PARI PEP. To help keep the equipment clean, it is recommended that the equipment is sterilised. Microwave bottle steamers that we use for cleaning baby bottles are great to use as they are quick and easy to use.  Unfortunately there is no funding to provide steriliser’s to families currently.  If you want to help but do not have a steriliser to donate; balls (soccer, netball, rugby), skipping ropes, exercise balls, any thing that gets them running around are great to help keep them fit and healthy.

 If you think you can help please contact me by email or phone 0221551677. 

For more information on Bronchiectasis, click on the link



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