Teach your baby to sit up

July 14, 2016 by Louise Pearce0

When your baby is able to sit by themselves and are happily rolling side to side then they are probably ready to learn to sit up. This technique will teach them how to transition in and out of sitting. We start off by practicing the movement with them, this will show them how to shift their weight, what muscles to use and put the steps into sequence. As they get stronger they will need less hands-on and you might only start the movement for them.  It is important that you practice this from each side (side-lying start position) even if your child has a favorite side to roll to. I often recommend to parents whose goal is for their baby’s to be able to sit up and lie down by themselves, to do this after each nappy change.


  1. Encourage baby to roll to their side  e.g. right
  2. Place your right hand under their right shoulder
  3. Place your left hand just above their hip
  4. Gently pull down on their left hip whilst giving support to their trunk with your right hand
  5. Give them time to try and place their right hand on the floor and push up (straighten their arm)

Success- Sitting!



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